Temple Sinai understands the economic times in which we are living. Sensitive to this environment, Temple Sinai has maintained very low membership dues. The everyday business of any temple requires more funding than membership dues can support. We ask our members to pitch in and help in any way they can, including Volunteer.

If you are able to help out, join us on a Friday night for worship and let us know of your interest or call Roni:


Fundraisers include:
– International Auction
– Golf / Game Outing
– Café Night
– Comedy Night
– Bowling Event
– Summer garage sale
And more…

Our choir consists of 9 members and we are always looking for more voices, especially bass and baritone.

If you are interested, contact our soloist:

A warm and friendly atmosphere, where all are welcome, membership at Temple Sinai offers you the opportunity to feel included in synagogue life, where your children will learn and live out the traditions of Judaism and where your participation can help make the world a better place.

Membership at Temple Sinai offers you the opportunity to:

• worship within a progressive Jewish community where all are welcome

• receive support from our Rabbi

• attend all worship services (including High Holy Day) at no extra charge

• enroll your children / grandchildren in our religious school

• host an oneg (collation after Shabbat worship) in honor or memory of loved one(s)

• participate on committees, volunteer

• network with other residents of the South Shore

Learn more about membership and it’s benefits by contacting Leslie:

Volunteering in any religious community is considered sacred. In the Jewish community, our Prophets regarded volunteering as a way to live out the teachings of Judaism.

Volunteering means the continual striving to create a kehillah kedosha, a sacred community. Temple Sinai offers many opportunities to help make this vision a reality.

You may have a particular profession or specialty which could benefit Temple Sinai.

You may want to help in the maintenance of the building.

You may choose to help run one of our Fundraisers or have an idea that will further the mission of Temple Sinai.

You can help make Temple Sinai more of a kehillah kedosha!

When you attend Shabbat worship let us know how you would like to participate or call Roni: 516-797-4996.

General Donations: Click Here
A donation in honor of, memory of, or for generosity.

To purchase or request more information: Click Here

Memorial Plaques: $360
Place a bronze plaque on the Yahrzeit memorial board on our sanctuary wall to remember your loved ones, may they rest in peace.

Tree of Life: $180
Commemorate any event with engraved leaves on our sanctuary wall. Just tell us what or who you are celebrating on the occasion of their bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, birthday, sweet sixteen, or any occasion.

Visit our contact page to email, call, get directions, or to submit questions.

Make a donation to Temple Sinai in honor of your loved ones and/or their memory.